The delivery time is:

Germany: 2 - 3 business days *

Zone Country rule duration *
1 Belgium, Denmark1, Luxembourg, Holland, Austria, Poland,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary
5 days
2 France2, Great Britain3, Italy4, Monaco, Sweden 5 days
2 Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain5 6 days
3 Finland6, Ireland, Romania 6 days
3 Bulgaria 7 days
3 Greece 8 days

The following regions are excluded from shipping:
1) Denmark: Greenland and Färöer-Islands
2) France: Overseas departments
3) Great Britain: Channel Islands, Isle of Man
4) Italy: Campione d'Italia, Livigno
5) Spain: Canary Islands and Ceuta + Melilla
6) Finland: Åland-Islands

This time refers to the period between the receipt of the invoice amount (excluding purchase on account) and the arrival at the agreed place of delivery.
When you ordered more products with several delivery times, the longest delivery time is valid for the entire order. Thereby we want to avoid additional shipping charges. At your request, we can also send the items as soon as they are available. For several delivery packages we will charge additional shipping costs.
*The delivery time refers to a parcel delivery; the time can deviate when we deliver via a forwarding department.

Delivery times:
We deliver from Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are excluded. The shipping is carried out when the invoice amount has been credited completely to our account (exception when purchasing on account).

Delivery by forwarding department:
If, due to the weight or volume, it is not possible to send your order as a package, the goods will be delivered by a freight forwarder. The forwarding department will deliver your goods to the place where you want to use them.

Tracking your parcel:
With the order confirmation you receive the exact delivery date of your package. As a registered customer, you will find the shipping status from your order under My account> My orders. There you can always see the status of your orders.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs and freight depends on the distance and the terms of customers. The indicated shipping costs in the shop are cost estimates and are calculated separately for each order (basis are the agreed franco borders). The final shipping costs will be indicated on the order confirmation.
Deliveries over € 1,000.00 net are generally delivered free within the German customs border.